Stærk, populær trio på den danske latin-jazz-scene!


3 fantastiske, latinamerikanske musikere sætter hinanden stævne i en lækker, varm akustisk lyd med smægtende vokal, guitar, bass og percussion.Vi løfter stolt arven fra vores forgængere og dykker dybt ned i det melodiøse, smukke og iørefaldende repertoire med det bedste fra Cuba og Sydamerika: Sensuelle Boleros, skøn Son Montuno og chamerende Cha-cha-cha fra Cuba og Puerto Rico, livlig Joropo og Merengue fra Venezuela, Bossa Nova fra Brasilien, Ballenato fra Colombia, Tango fra Argentina og Huapango fra Mexico.

Syng med på klassikere som ”Besame mucho”, ”Quizas, quizas, quizas” og dans latin-tæt til inciterende rytmer....

Vi kan være den helt diskrete baggrunds-musik til en romantisk aften, og sætte gang i danse-festen, alt efter ønske!

Trío Domison

er intet mindre end et levende udtryk for den traditionelle, sydamerikanske musik med nutidig inspiration og en revolutionerende ånd, leveret af Danmarks bedste latin-fortolkere!


…Is a unique constellation of 5 of the best, Copenhagen/DK-based Latin-jazz musicians and vocalists, all with a profound knowledge about, and passion for, the carefully selected music performed at our concerts, and all with extensive experience from numerous performances and concerts throughout the years, both together in various combinations, and individually, as soloists with orchestras and ensembles in DK and abroad.

With a mutual ambition of connecting the Latin American folklore with American, European & Scandinavian ”classics” (from composers like a.o. George Gershwin, Evert Taube, Kai Normann Andersen & Carl Nielsen), we offer concerts which guarantee a well-known and popular repertoire, respectfully re-arranged for this special ensemble, and with built-in, immediate sing-along-effect….

Looking forward to play a concert near you!


We are proud to introduce you to Grupo Cubita, a vivid live-orchestra, which focuses on the music from Cuba's "golden age" (cha-cha-chá, dansón, guaracha, bolero and son montuno).

Anyone can sing along in songs like "Bésame Mucho", "Guantanamera", "Patricia", and "Quizás, quizás, quizás..." which stars like Doris Day and Nat King Cole have brought to immortality and international fame, and with the orchestra's traditional setting of the "Charanga" (vocals, flute, violins, piano, bass, and percussion), we guarantee a heart-warming, soulful, genouine latin atmosphere, and a sound that will suit every occasion.

The orchestra is formed by some of the best latin-musicians from Cuba and Denmark, who got together in their mutual interest for promoting this special era in Cuban music, which can best be described as discreet, varied, tuneful and VERY suitable for dancing for a mature audience, who would like to enjoy the best of the latin music...

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or watch the videos from our concerts.

We hope you'll enjoy!